{thursday thoughts}

I'm sure most of you have been doing the same thing as me and keeping your eyes glued to the TV over the past several days with the horrible devastations in OK. It just makes you sad. I can't imagine the feelings and emotions these parents, children, teachers, first responders, etc. are feeling at this very moment. Some have lost everything. Everything...can you even begin to imagine? Certaintly not me. Precious lives were lost in such a tragic way.
So, today I am thankful. I'm thankful for my family, my home, my job, my friends, my church and church family, food, clothing, and the list goes on and on. May our eyes be opened during this very moment. This world needs hope, comfort, love and peace. This world needs Christ. We need to be the light in this dark world. Please join me as we continue to lift up all of those affected in prayer! This IS our only hope!
Speaking of thankful, one of my very best friends gave birth to her first baby! Such a fun time and stage of life we are in right now!
And yes, he did smile for the first time while I held him! I don't even care if it was gas.....hehehe!
Ella made a special sign to welcome her new friend into this world!!

While I visited baby Connor in the hospital, Ella got to spend some quality time with my parents, Mimi and Papa! Again, I'm SO thankful that we live close to both sets of E's grandparents. Something I do not take for granted!
I still can't believe Memorial Day weekend is almost here! Maybe it's just me, but this year has gone by so fast! Only 2 more weeks left of school, then it's the summer time, baby!!! Happy Day, my friends! I am thankful for YOU!

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Emily said...

Love this post, and couldn't agree more!! Monday was a scary, scary day..most of my fam is in OK and by the Grace of GOD they were all safe. Thank you Jesus! I will most definitely be joining you in continuing to pray!! Precious pics, what a blessing to have your parents close. Clearly, Ella loves them dearly, sweet pictures! PS-BRING ON THE SUMMER!!