{happy 6 months, sunshine}


Today, we had your 6 month old doctors appointment. It's hard to believe we're already half way through your first year! At 6 months {and 1 week} old, you weigh 18 lbs. and are 26 inches long. You wear size 3 diapers and LOVE getting to eat your fruits and veggies. You are on a pretty set schedule now. You wake up in the morning happy as can be, "talking" and playing the strings on the bumper pad! Mommy and daddy love getting to watch you in the monitor before "fighting" over who gets to pick you up first! :) You cut your first tooth this past Friday {March 23}. We were so surprised because you didn't act any differently than normal! You are sitting up on your own with less support from mommy and daddy, and love "eating" anything and everything you can fit into your mouth. Your favorite thing to say right now is "dadada". You daddy sure does light up when he hears you {we're working on mamama}! You continue to bring so much joy to our family. We can't imagine life any other way! Your smiles, laughs, kicks and slobber melt our heart {as if it were the first time we saw it}! We love you, little sunshine!

Happy 6 months!

 Trying to eat her shirt...next came the toes!

Cheeeeeese! Our happy girl after church!

 Getting some lovin' from sweet cousin McCain!

 Enjoying a day at the park!

Daddy was trying to make Ella smile for the camera...she thought it was funny!

One of our very favorite songs to sing with Ella! 

{DIY}...a must for this household

I found a DIY must on Pinterest that I thought deserved a post of its own! I don't know about you....but there is nothing that makes me happier than a clean and organized house {okay, maybe a few other things}! I already know what you're thinking...you have a 6 month old, just get ready! :) I know, I know! Bring it on! :-)

I find this to be a very functional, creative and fun looking communication center. It has everything from a receipt clip to a weekly menu. The best part is you can make it your own! You can follow a step by step tutorial at http://girllovesglam.blogspot.com/2012/03/organization-board-tutorial.html. She even has free printouts. Looks like I've found my first summer DIY project!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!


 It's Wednesday! Happy hump day! What are you loving today? Here are a few of my favorites...

1. Texas Bluebonnets. Need I say more? I love driving down the road and seeing all the wildflowers, but especially seeing all the bluebonnets. Can't wait to take a family picture with them...{sorry honey}!

2. My recent Old Navy purchases {in route as I type}. I loved this color block bag and of course, these sweet little ballet flats for little miss. I'm hoping they'll work with her little Easter dress! 

3. Starbucks blueberry muffin...Y-U-M! I think I might have found a new favorite!

 4. OPI "its a girl". I'm loving my newest manicure with this color. As fast as polish wears off, this doesn't look quite as bad when it does!

5. My sweet baby girl that is SIX months old today! Wow...seriously, where does the time go?!?
This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

{spring is in the air}

  ...or a monsoon if you live in Houston! Happy 1st day of Spring! I think we've been having Spring for the past couple of months, but at least it's official now!

We ended Spring Break with lots of family {most of my mom's side} at my cousins wedding. We loved having everyone over on Friday night {some to meet Ella for the first time} and of course, all being together at the wedding! Here are a few pictures from the wedding. 

Our little family... 

Mom and her girls!

Ella all ready for the wedding!

Happy day!

{Thatcher's Story}

Please join me in praying for this sweet family. They are personal friends of mine and would appreciate you praying for a miracle for their newborn baby boy, Thatcher Caleb. You can follow their story at http://www.thepaulfamilyjourney.blogspot.com/. They have an unbelievable testimony. Thatcher has already touched so many lives in such a short amount of time. 

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Ephesians 3:20

{happy st. patty's}

Ella wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patty's Day! xoxo 

{what i'm loving wednesday}

1. I think you all know what I'm loving most {if you've been keeping up with my blog lately} SPRING BREAK! We're having such a fun week...just a week at home with my babes...and loving every minute of it! Monday night, Josh and I had a date night to the Houston Rodeo to see Zac Brown Band! They are AWESOME in concert. Such a fun night!

2. This super cute dress I bid on {facebook auction} and won! Can't wait to see little miss in it!

3. Getting some MUCH needed sun today {okay, maybe a little burned}. It was the first time I've sat out in the sun since Ella was born...like I said, much needed! :)

4. Josh and I starting our summer vacation planning! We haven't decided on anything "for sure", but at least the planning has begun! Only 2 1/2 months until summer break...I can do this! 

5. Our sweet baby trying out her first veggie today! She is LOVIN' her some squash. I've never seen someone so excited! She kicked her legs, cooed, and reached for the bowl the entire time!

All in all, I simply had a wonderful day! What are you loving Wednesday?

{tasty tuesday}: quick-fix taco suppers

Happy Day-2 of Spring Break! One of our very favorites is Mexican food! We can't get enough. These are some yummy taco recipes I found at http://www.southernliving.com/food.

1. Picadillo Tacos

2. Easy Skillet Tacos  

3. Migas Tacos 

4. Grilled Chicken Tacos

5. Lean Green Lettuce Tacos 

Don't these look super yummy? Hope you enjoy {and let me know your favorite}!

{we're back}

  Long time no see! We had a wonderful trip to SA. It was great getting to spend time and catch up with such wonderful friends as well as have a much needed {mini} getaway with my husband! While it was fun getting to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted {what does that feel like anymore}, I couldn't wait to get home to my precious baby girl. I feel so blessed knowing our families are so close and take such good care of her while we're gone.

TSHA 2012

Ella was so happy to find out she moved to the "ladybug" room at church today! Tear for mommy...she's growing too fast!

I saved the best for last....HAPPY SPRING BREAK to me! We have a fun week ahead consisting of a trip to the Houston Rodeo, lunch and dinner with friends, shopping, play dates, family coming into town {who get to meet Ella for the first time}, and a wedding! Here's to a fun week that doesn't fly by! Happy Sunday!

Guest Post- { All Things Green}

Hi "Down With The Dearmores" readers!! This is Leslie from Eat.Pray.Love.Run
( http://www.lesliebrookecoxon.blogspot.com/ ). Jen and I met for the first time in 5th grade and we have been best friends ever since. When she asked me to do a guest post for her while she is in San Antonio for a few days, I considered sharing some funny pictures and stories of us growing up over the past 20 years but decided to not get myself into trouble and stick with the {All Things Green} post that I told her I would do :)

{Jen and I a couple years ago at a Rockets game}

March is one of my favorite months...the Texas wildflowers are starting to bloom, the weather is getting warm, we get an extra hour of sunlight in the evenings, it's time to bring out the sandals and sundresses and of course, St. Patty's Day! And St. Patty's Day means GREEN! Green is my favorite color all year around but thanks to Pinterest, I love all the new fun, green home decor, sweet treats and outfits! Here are some of my favorites: