{friday fancies} red carpet ready

It's that time again! I've been so excited for todays{Friday Fancies}. This week, we're going Red Carpet Ready...just in time for the Oscars on Sunday. If I were only invited to the Oscars.... I have my outfit ready to go! I have loved this dress {or one very similar} for a long time. Maybe the day will come when I actually get to wear it! ;-) You can find all the details here.

{friday fancies} red carpet ready
Happy Friday, y'all and Happy Go Texan Day to my fellow Houstonians!

{why didn't i think of that}

  I feel like a common phrase I use while looking at Pinterest, is "Why didn't I think of that?!" I love getting to see others creativity and attempting to create or make what I've seen or even try and put my own spin on it. Here are a few things that have stuck out to me lately.
1. DIY hand dotted tumblers. What a stinkin' cute idea! These could be used as a fun craft get together with friends {pinot and painting, anyone} or even a fun gift idea. Click here for step by step directions.
2. I actually heard about this idea from a friend, and sure enough, here it is! I couldn't believe such a thing. Omlet in a bag? What? You know those mornings you have multiple people to serve, but one has to start eating before they're all finished so it doesn't get cold?? Where here is your perfect solution!  
3. So I could have really used this tip while hanging my picture collage wall in my bedroom! Hello....why didn't I think of this?! This would have saved not only time, but extra nail holes in my wall. Shhh....don't tell my hubby! 
4. Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen, especially with loved ones -- fmaily, friends, even strangers. On New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year. Love this idea, great way to focus on positive, not forget to appreciate the people in your life present or in memories and also starting a new chapter!
5. Sugar cookie fruit cups. Oh my! These would be perfect for a shower, dessert party, etc. What a fabulous idea!
My list could go on and on, but I'll save some for round 2! Happy Day! I'm leaving you with one of my most favorite quotes. If we could only do this more!

{weekend happenings}

  Happy Monday, bloggies! I don't know about you, but February sure has been a busy month in our household {but a fun month I have to say}! This past weekend was no different....Friday morning, Ella and I had a play date with some good friends and a visit to our favorite Chick-fil-A. Later that night, Josh and I had a date night to one of our favorite in H-town {thank you, Mimi and Papa for keeping Miss E} and Saturday we had our annual family lobster and steak night {YUM}. Here are a few pictures from our weekend fun.
Sweet girls...E's new favorite song is Row, row, row your boat! 
 Our little fam watching Double boil the lobsters.
Holy moly 4 lb lobster!
 Pure goodness.
 Cousins with our baby girls!
Miss E enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon {after our morning at church, a long family walk and play time at the park}.
Here's to another week of fun and memories in the making!

{friday fancies} pink + red

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a sweet day yesterday! I enjoyed the day with my two loves. Perfection! I had fun with this weeks Friday Fancies! Pink and red aren't two colors I normally put together, so I had fun getting to "play" and think I might just have to add a few more of these two colors to my wardrobe! Such fun! Hope you all enjoy!
{friday fancies} pink + red

{happy valentines day}

  ....from my lil' love!

Hope you've had a wonderful day celebrating with those you love! xoxo

{donut you know}

I think I'm a little more "into" Valentine's Day with a little one! I saw something similar to the donut goodie bags on Etsy, and knew right away, these were THE ones Ella had to hand out to her "Valentines" this year! So...I ordered the stickers from here and could not have been more pleased! I love getting to create little goodies and thought these turned out pretty cute {if I do say so myself}! ;)

 Whew....that was a lot of hard work for this lil' gal! Someone + mommy was ready for bed! Can't wait to post our Valentine's Day pics! I'm a tad bit excited for her new little outfit!
  Happy Valentine's Day, Eve! Sweet dreams!

{a week in pics}

  Happy Monday! As you can see, we've been busy around our house! Hint....the lack of blog posts lately! Little Miss is learning to feed herself, is obsessed with her babies {feeding them, taking them on wagon rides, you name it!}, loves reading, and playing dress up {just to name a few}! Wishing you all a happy week!