Guest Post: {All About Mommy} with Leslie from Eat. Pray. Love. Run.

  Hi there, Down with The Dearmore's readers!! I'm Leslie and I blog over at Eat Pray Love Run.  I am so excited that Jen asked me to join in on her "All About Mommy" guest posts.  I am currently 38 weeks, 6 days pregnant with a baby boy who seems to be perfectly happy in my belly and has no interest in gracing us with his presence just yet. ;)

This is me at 37 weeks...I swear there is only one in there.

And one of my hubby and I during our maternity shoot :) 

I can't give you any great advice or tips on my journey in mommy hood just yet but I thought I would share with you some books I have read and things I have done during my pregnancy to get ready for the exciting world of being a Mom! 

1.  So, to start, I have read A LOT of books. Some were good, some, not so much.  But these were my 3 favorite books when it comes to the first few months/year at home with your baby.  These were highly recommended to me by other moms out there who had a lot of success with them and I know I definitely plan on using these techniques. 

2.  Connect with other Moms who are due around the same time you are.  This has probably been the biggest blessing for me during this pregnancy.  I have been fortunate enough to have quite a few friends who are due within 1-2 months of me so we have constantly stayed in contact and shared pregnancy tips, registry advice, fears about becoming a parent and thoughts on how we will sleep train and raise our babies when they get here.  Also, I have made some great friends thru this fun blogging world and Instagram, that are all due around the same time as me.  Spend time reading blogs and leave comments!  Then when you find blogs you love, follow them on Instagram....and leave comments.  That's what I have done and now I have a group of around 10 girls who are pregnant and due within a few weeks of me and I talk to these girls ALL.THE.TIME.  And I know we will continue to keep in touch even after our pregnancies are long over.  It is so fun to have people to go thru this journey with with, especially that are in the same stage as you. 

3.  Sign up for some classes at the hospital you will deliver at.  My husband and I took a Breastfeeding Basics class, Preparing for Childbirth class and a Newborn Care class.  A lot of people think these classes are pointless and a waste of time..... but we loved ours!  And now, we feel so much more prepared for what is to come!  Obviously no class out there will teach you everything you need to know and I am 100% sure there will be times, at 3 AM, when my baby boy is screaming and everything I learned in class will fly out the window....but I feel like we have a good foundation to build on and tons of tricks and tips that have worked for other moms and dads.  And take your husbands with you to these classes!  My husband took notes, asked questions and was totally involved in all of the classes.  And now, as much as he may have wanted to just stay home and skip class sometimes, he feels much more prepared for when baby arrives.

4.  Take time to rest and do things for yourself.  This is advice I have gotten from all my mommy friends and I have taken it!  I take naps, have gotten massages, finished projects around the house and my husband and I have spent a lot of one on one time together doing our favorite things (traveling, being on the lake, going to dinner and brunch on the weekends).  Take a baby moon with your husband if you are able to!  It doesn't have to be a huge, expensive vacation....just go somewhere an hour or 2 away for a weekend.  Anything that would be relaxing and special for just the 2 of you.  My husband and I went to our favorite place....Mexico, when I was about 28 weeks pregnant and we had the best time.  We know that as soon as baby arrives, the traveling, and other luxuries will take a back seat for awhile.  So, I feel like we have done a pretty good job of taking full advantage of these last few months as a family of 2 and now we are ready for a change of pace and to welcome our baby boy into the world!

I am so excited to be a Mom in just a couple short weeks!  I have wanted this since I was a little girl and I am so thankful that God is giving me the opportunity to be this sweet baby boy's Mommy.  :)
Make sure to stop by my blog and say Hi!  I would love to "meet" you!

And thank you Jen, for letting me take over your blog for a day!

xo-  leslie

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Sally said...

This is a great list! I was addicted to my BabyCenter app when I was preg to make sure I was "normal" and check in with other moms due the same month as me. Also a boy mama here! :))