{happy halloween}...

...from the cutest little 'punkin' I know!
Happy Halloween!

{morning sunshine}

She brings the biggest smile to my face each day [even during our middle of the night feedings]! Hope your week is full of many smiles!

{happy ONE month}

Where did the time go? Happy 1 month sweet baby Ella (yesterday)! Again, there are no words to describe the past month! A month full of lots and lots of love, laughter, tears, smiles, yawns (hehe), hugs and kisses! I couldn't imagine anything better than being this baby girls mommy. What an absolute blessing our Father has given Josh and I! Here are some fun "1 month" pictures we took yesterday.

masterpiece {the day you were born}

-Sandi Patty
Before you had a name or opened up your eyes
Or anyone could recognize your face.
You were being formed so delicate in size
Secluded in God's safe and hidden place.
With your little tiny hands and little tiny feet
And little eyes that shimmer like a pearl.
He breathed in you a song and to make it all complete
He brought the masterpiece into the world.
You are a masterpiece
A new creation He has formed
And you're as soft and fresh as a snowy winter morn.
And I'm so glad that God has given you to me
Little Lamb of God, you are a masterpiece.
And now you're growing up your life's a miracle
Everytime I look at you I stand in awe.
Because I see in you a reflection of me
And you'll always be my little lamb of God.
And as your life goes on each day
I pray that you will see
Just how much your life has meant to me.
And I'm so proud of you
What else is there to say?
Just be the masterpiece He created you to be.
We love you, Ella Victoria!

{wednesdays words of wisdom}

I'm so thankful for His promises.

{ella's first 2 weeks}

Here are a few (and I really mean just a few) pictures of Ella during her first 2 weeks! And yes, most of you are thinking..."does she always wear a bow"?!?! And the answer....pretty much! Her mommy can't help it. It's just too much fun having your own "baby doll" to play "dress up" with! Luckily, she goes right along with it!
Ella after her first doctors appointment.
Playing "dress up" with Mommy and Mimi!
She's not too sure about bath time yet!
Daddy's girl!
Thank you Mimi for my precious leopard outfit! The day she got to meet her Aunt Sari for the first time!
Happy 2 weeks, Ella!