memorial day weekend recap {photo dump}

We had a very relaxed, family filled Memorial Day Weekend! Here is a recap of our weekend! 
Ella enjoying her new water sprinkler beach ball! As you can tell....she did have a ball!

 Playing in the sun can be tiring! We enjoyed a little down time before Aunt Jess came to visit!
They were {both} all smiles! So thankful Jess was able to visit for the day! Can you tell she is my sis?!?!
We finally turned E's chair around for the first time! She really feels like a big girl now! 
We made our first trip of the summer to the neighborhood pool! Her most favorite was the slide! As soon as she would come down, she would state her most used phrase "I want more"!!! 

 Daddy grilled out ribs and corn on the cob for dinner! Yummy!!

Finley even joined in on the dress-up party! Thank goodness she is such a good sport!
But it wouldn't near as much fun if only Finley was dressed up! I went into E's room and found her like this!! Such a mess....I think we're in trouble! ;)
 Mommy really was around....I'm just always the picture taker!

Ta da! And there you have our weekend re-cap! 
As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I've joined in and am now on bloglovin'! I hope you'll follow along with us!

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