All About Mommy {most favorite tried and trues}

Hi there! I'm Tiffanie from Pineapples and Pickles. I'm mommy to a two year old toddler who never.sits.down.  His name is Preston, and he'll be promoted to big brother this fall when his baby sister will join us.  I just entered my second trimester, just found out it is a girl, and finally have enough energy to think about all the fun baby items I get to reuse/buy new/splurge on.

I'm pretty excited about reusing some things from when my first was an infant particularly these ::

1. I'm excited about reusing the bobby again mostly because I LOVE the feel and softness of the Pottery Barn boppy covers.  Now just need to decide on a name so that we can have a pink one monogrammed this time around.
 2. I'm probably most excited to break out Lexie Rose infant seat cover again.  I bought the gray seer sucker with Preston, and somehow refrained from monogramming then which allows for a pink monogram now.
3.  Lastly, I'm looking forward to using this diaper bag again. It's a Storksak, and I only used it for a few months with Preston so it's still in great shape. Plus my beloved grandmother gave me the money to pick out this diaper bag just after I found out I was pregnant with Preston so I do cherish this thing. 

I'll need a few new things too this go 'round.
1. I want to give one of these bottle holders a try.  Preston was a late bottle-holder, and it was a bit frustrating at times especially when I really wanted to eat my own warm lunch or driving home from running an errand with a fussy and hungry infant.  Who knows, though, maybe this time I'll have a latcher and won't need to worry about a bottle holder. Keeping my friends crossed.
2. We desperately need a new diaper pail, and I'm thinking of dropping the extra money for the Ubbi diaper pail.  It's constructed of stainless steel as opposed to plastic which should help with odors.  The plastic in our Diaper Genie has absorbed that stench over the past couple of years.  Plus the Ubbi uses regular trash bags which means no more expensive replacement bags.
3.  Preston is no where done with his white noise machine.  In fact, I feel bad for the day his friends start spending the night and we're still blaring his white noise. That being said, we'll need another one of these bad boys.

And just for fun ::
1) I'm in love with the halo sleep sacks.  We have plenty from when Preston was an infant, but I'm not sure I can pass up a ruffled halo sleep sack.
2) Every girl needs a monogrammed pacifier, no?  At nine bucks a paci, these would definitely be a splurge.  This is my last baby though according to the husband, so I predict a lot of splurges in my future.

All pictures and sources found here.

Thanks, Jen, for letting me post on your piece of the world wide web and allowing me to share some of my most favorite tried and trues and for helping me get my to-buy-for-baby list started. 

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Katie said...

We cannot live without the HomeMedics sound machine either!! Definitely a must-have :)

Pineapples and Pickles said...

Thanks again for the opportunity to guest post!

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Love this series! I just came across your blog and love finding other mama's! I'm expecting my first baby in September!

Breann Nash said...

Logan still uses a white noise machine too. However, he sleeps fine at Grandma's without it so I am sure it's my crutch to keep from waking him up with tv or doing dishes since his room is right there....