Makes my heart Happy

Don't you just love those small little things that make your heart happy [as in giddy happy]? Here are a few that come to mind lately...

Personalized Stationary by Oh Louise!

Non-fat Iced Vanilla Latte [my morning lifesaver!]

Liberty of London line at Target

Sunshine and the warmer weather [and yes, Finley girl too!]

Sno Cones!

Flower gardening [possibly a new hobby?!?!]

Sweet Saturday Surprise!

My sweet husband came home with these yesterday ~ white rocking chairs! Go can call me an old grandma! It's exactly what I've been wanting to complete our outdoor make-over! So the next time you are in The Heights area, you'll know exactly where to find me!

Scraping, and painting, and landscaping, oh my!

As you can see below, we took on yet another home improvement project! We began working on the exterior part of our home this time. I began my Spring Break by driving all over The Heights trying to find the "perfect color"! After many trips to Sherwin Williams, I finally picked out the tiny paint samples that were going to cover the WHOLE house. Whew....what a task! It has been quite a project, but we are almost complete! It is a dramatic change, but we love the way our home has transformed over the past month. We still have a few more things we would like to do with the porch, but after that, I think we will finally be finished! Here are some before and after pictures!



First Time Bloggers!

Welcome to our Blog! I broke down and decided to join the millions of bloggers out there and create our very own blog. We're excited to have a place for family and friends to come check in on us from time to time! We promise to make an effort to post when something exciting happens in our lives.