{weekend happenings}

This was our first weekend in awhile to just be at home! It was such a fun weekend and very much needed! I'm a very on-the-go kind of girl {always have been and always will be}, but I sure do love me some weekends at home with my little fam! Here is a recap of some of our weekend happenings.
Friday was our family picture day! Ella wanted needed to get in some good practice that morning! She was cracking me up! :)
After pictures, we were craving a very healthy dinner {NOT} and took Ella to Whataburger! Josh and I were talking, we aren't normally out late with E, so it was a fun change for our family! Such a fun {and much easier} age! She thought she was SO grown up!!!

Saturday, was an absolutely gorgeous day outside! We played and played and played some more until it was time for some football! Although we didn't come out with a win this weekend, I'm still proud of my Red Raiders! Such a great game, but a hard one to lose after being undefeated for the season! We were all decked out in our red and black for the day!
Sunday, was another fun day of relaxing, Church, and hanging out as a fam! Ahh....I feel so blessed! I wanted to share a sneak peak from our pictures on Friday night! I am absolutely over the moon excited about these and can't wait to see the rest!!!!
Wishing you all a very happy Monday!

{five on friday} 19th edition

Happy Friday!!! This week was a little different for us as Josh and I didn't get back until Monday night, so our week really didn't "begin" until Tuesday! If you didn't already check it out, you can find a recap of our Florida vacay here. We had the most fabulous time, but were SO excited to get home to our girl!!! I'm excited to be linking up with my friend, Darci from The Good Life Blog for another round of Five on Friday!

 I'm loving all the sequin/jewel embellished sweaters for this season!!! I came across these two {one I already have in my hands and the other is in the mail} and can't wait for E and I to wear them together!! EEEKK!!! :)

one two
From the time Ella was itty bitty, she has loved books! Any and every book! Currently, she loves to "read" them to us! These are a few of her favorites lately!
Our weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week! We've enjoyed lots and lots of outside play time! Her newest face is killing me!!! Every time I hold up my phone to take her pic, this is what she does!!! hehe
 I think my most favorite {okay, one of MANY} time of day with Ella is putting her to bed! There is no sweeter sound than hearing her pray for ALL of her family {dogs included} and ALL of her friends! And for the first time last night, she sang "Jesus Loves Me" all by herself! It literally brought me to tears! I pray her love for Jesus continues to grow and grow!
Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice. Enough said! If you haven't had one, it's a must!
I'm off to get everything ready for our family pictures tonight! 'Tis the season for pics!!! :) Happy Weekend, y'all!

{halloween pajama party link-up}

I'm thrilled to be linking up with my sweet friend Darci from The Good Life Blog and Meredith from The Tichenor Family Blog for Little Ghosts and Goblins Pajama Party Link-Up! Such a fun and cute idea!!! There is nothing cuter than a little one in his or her jammies! It only took me 3 days to get some pics of Ella! She was just not having it, but FINALLY, I got some cute ones to share with you!
Might be my all time favorite "jammie" picture of her! Her little smile is priceless!
 "How's this mom?" "Can you see my jammies now??"
"Forget this, it's time to rock!!"
"Hmmm.....will mom EVER stop taking pics of me?!?"
Love these little jammies from Baby Gap! So many to chose from this year!
 "Yay, finally I get to do my newest favorite face!!!!"
And there you have our Halloween pajama picture session 2013! I'm thinking we need to have this fun little link-up for Christmas!!! I guess I better start taking those ASAP! ;)
Now off to look at more of your cuties in their little PJs!

{our florida getaway}

This past weekend, Josh and I flew out to Naples, Florida for a destination wedding for some fabulous friends! Our weekend could not have been more perfect! We had the best weather, great company, unbeliavable food and drinks, and a few days away....just the two of us! Here is a little peak into our weekend away!
My sweet hubby and I on our flight! Get this....we flew out of Houston, had to fly all the way to Chicago {stay on our plane}, then fly Florida! Is that not the craziest route you've ever  heard of?!!?
 When we landed it was dark, but this was the view we woke up to on Saturday morning! I could really get use to that!!! It was breathtaking!
 We spent the entire day on the beach! Pure relaxation! That's what I'm talking about!!!
That evening, the bride and groom to be hosted a "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" welcome party for all the guests who traveled to the wedding! Such a fun night....and such a fun theme!

 Our home away from home for the weekend! I would give anything to have those french doors in our room {of course with a view like that}!

 My handsome hubby and the groom! Such a special friend to Josh and I!!!
The gorgeous ceremony! Such a sweet couple!
 After the ceremony, they had cocktails and appetizers on the lawn of the resort!
 Beautiful sunset after the ceremony!
 Probably one of the most fun receptions I've ever been to! We had fun dancing the night away! Perfect ending to a perfect weekend! {sorry for the fuzzy pics!!}
And I think that's all the traveling we'll be doing for a while! It's been a fun few months, but always so good to get home to our girl!!! Happy day, friends!

{Five on Friday} 18th edition

Haaaaapy Friday! In just a few short hours, my hubby and I are hopping on a plane to Florida for a wedding! Bring on the sun, sand and sips! While we're extremely excited, it's always hard to say bye to our sweet girl, but I know she is in super hands!! Now, onto my 5 on Friday....
I'm currently in the middle of "updating" Ella's bathroom! I've played around with the decor, shower curtain, accessories since we moved into our house over 2 years ago. Nothing has just "struck" me! So, I'm just taking my time and picking up things here and there that I really love, and hopefully it'll all come together {sooner, than later}!! I found this print, and thought it would be a perfect wall hanging for her bathroom. Such a sweet message to see every morning before our day starts, and a good reminder the rest of the time!
Fall time weather has finally arrived here in Houston! Yeah! It might not exactly be "cold", but it sure beats temps in the high 80's and I like it pretend it's way colder than it actually is! ;)) My feet {mind, body and soul} are most ready and prepared with my new moccasin's for this season! Leopard - check! Comfy - check! Afforadable - check! You can find them here.
Is this not the cutest set-up for a Halloween or Thanksgiving place setting? I can't wait to add this to our decor {hopefully this year}!
My sweet blogger friend, Leah from Everyday Love, created this shirt for my little turkey and I could not be more pleased! Check out all of her Thanksgiving onesies/shirts and kitchen towels here!
In case you missed my post yesterday, Ella's 2nd Birthday Party has been featured on Tiny Prints Blog! You can check it out here! We're "tickled pink" with the way everything turned out!
I'm off to finish my last minute packing!!! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

{Ella's 2nd Birthday Party}

I've been so anxious to share Ella's 2nd Birthday Party with you all! It was such a fun day and most importantly, the "Pink Princess" herself had an absolute ball! Ella's party is being featured on Tiny Prints Blog, so head on over here to check it out!
I will see you back tomorrow for Five on Friday! Have a wonderful day!

{weekend happenings + scentsy giveaway winner}

Happy Monday, friends! We laid low this weekend as Ella began running fever on Thursday night, so we had lots of time to snuggle, nap, play, eat and repeat! Little Miss has been fever free since Saturday night, thank goodness! We have a busy week with work, MOPS, and getting ready to leave for our trip on Friday! Here is a peak into our weekend.....

1. I have been in desperate need of some new running shoes, so I used my gift card from my sissy and picked up these! It rained all weekend, plus I was inside with a sick little one, so I am anxious to use them!

2. Ella got lots of use out of her new sleeping bag, or as she calls it, her "puppy bag" this weekend!

3. I'm in the process of doing some updating in Ella's bathroom, so I bought this "blah" frame and tried to spruce it up a little by spray painting the corners gold! Final product pics to come!

4. Killer outfit, huh?!!? Ella was playing grocery store!

5. Even though she was still running fever, she was cheering on her Red Raiders! 6-0 baby!!!

6. Let me just tell you, Motrin makes my child crAzy! She was like the energizer bunny on that stuff! Here she was "feeling great" playing peak-a-boo!!! :) That little smile is priceless!

7. Ella discovered some new favorite shows this weekend {anything but Barney is okay with me}!!!

8. Ella and her baby on their way to "the store" to get juice and water!

9. On to the next team....our Texans! Even though we've stunk the past several weeks, my girl is still cheering them on!!!
I'm happy to announce to winner of Scenty Pumpkin Roll and Christmas Cottage Bars is.....
Entry #34Joy N.
Congrats, Joy! Thanks to all of you who entered this fun giveaway! Today is the final day for the Scentsy party, SO if you're still interested, you have a few hours left to place an order!

Wishing you a happy day!

{Five on Friday} All Things Spooooky

Happy Friday to all!! I wanted to change it up a little for this Five on Friday and share some of my favorite Halloween printables, sweets, ideas and pics with you! By now, you know the drill....
I came across this banner a few weeks ago while making my own. Is this not the cutest idea ever?!? A banner that incorporates each Halloween as the kiddo(s) are growing up! I love that it is simple, personalized, and and something you can add to for years to come! We will most definitely add this to our Halloween decor in the future! You can find out about this printable banner here.
And then I came across THIS! Get out....a "Decorate your own donut Halloween party"!!!! When and where?!? I absolutely love everything about this! The decor is fab, and you add donuts in the mix....Yes! So any of you friends in the Houston area, what do you say???
I picked up these goodies yesterday at Hobby Lobby! I can't wait to make little goodies for Ella's teachers and kiddo's in her class and play group! I haven't decided if I'm going to give out mini bundt cakes and use the cake topper on them {kind of what I'm leaning towards}, then making a white chocolate covered popcorn with sprinkles for the baggies. Oh the options!
I'm not sure that a Halloween party at our house is in the works this year, but when {not if, but when}, I will have this little snack for the kiddos! A-dorable! So if you're reading this Jenny S., get ready! I'm going to need some of these {of course, with their own Jenny spin on them}!
My oh my, my girl sure has grown in a year!!! I miss those sweet chubby cheeks and thighs! I was thinking {but then again, I do have a 2 year old going on 5 year old who has her mind made up} that this would be my last year to truly pick out E's costume {I already had 1/2 of the stuff for her to be an 80s workout girl}, but she is dead set on being Minnie Mouse! So....Minnie it is! :)
Thanks for stopping by for another Five on Friday {aka one of my most favorite blogging days of the week}! I hope you'll join in on the fun and link up too!
Thanks to all of you who entered my very first giveaway!! I will announce the winner on Monday! It's not too late to still do a little Scentsy shopping before the order is closed! Click here for more details!

{orange + black} halloween wear for kiddos

Happy Wednesday, friends! If you're like me, you have fun dressing your kiddo's in holiday colors not only for the holiday, but for the entire month! Let me just tell you, there are SO many cute options out right now! My favorites have mostly been from Baby Gap, Old Navy, and have come across some at Carters and Target as well! You can click here for my sources. Happy Shopping!!

{orange + black} halloween wear for kiddos
Don't forget, there's only a few days left for Down with the Dearmore's Scentsy Party and Giveaway!!!!

{weekend happenings}

Happy Monday! For the first time in months, I opened my door yesterday morning and it was cooler outside than inside!!! Welcome, Fall weather.....we've been waiting for you!!! We had a fun and pretty relaxing weekend! Here is a recap in pics!
1. I began my Friday morning with a pumpkin donut {my very first every and certainly not my last}! Dunkin Donuts opened up right around the corner from us, so we decided to give it a try! I'm glad we did!
2. Ella was so excited to wear her Minnie Mouse shirt and necklace that she got for her birthday! My girl looks so grown up here!!!
3. Saturday, we cheered on our Red Raiders at Gram's house! Ella and Gram were doing a routine with the pom pom's!
4. Our cousin Amy {and soon to be here, Jackson} came over for the game! Between playing on her iPad, talking/rubbing her baby bump, and putting on her make-up, Ella was in heaven with Amy!!!
5. The time has come.....Ella is now potty training! This was a decision ELLA made, SO.....we're most definitely following her lead! She is doing unbeliavable!
6. I finally finished up my MOPS craft from last week! There's too much talking to be done while at MOPS, so I usually have to finish my craft at home. I made this cross to go in E's room.
7. We bought our first pumpkins of the season yesterday! Ella got to pick out her very own and she was SO very proud {the smile says it all}!
8. Pot roast is one of my most fav meals of all time, and would you believe, this was MY very first time to ever make it! You see....my hubby is one amazing chef, so I never wanted to compete with him! I have to say, it was quite tasty!!!
9. Our porch is finally starting to look a little more "Fallish"! They're hard to see in the pic, but I'm loving the purple mums this year! I plan to snatch up a few more before it's all said and done!
Thanks to all of you who have already entered the Down with the Dearmore's Scentsy Giveaway! For those of you who haven't had a chance, it's not too late!! Be sure to check out my online party and giveaway here!

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