{happy 8 months}

  Happy 8 months {10 days late} to our sweet baby girl! Our world has been very very busy, but I couldn't not write this post! It's hard to believe we're only 4 months away from her 1st birthday! Seriously, I'm ready for time to slow down...just a little {yes, I do know it will only go by faster, but I'm just pretending}!

As you can tell by the picture, we have a little wiggle worm our hands! Taking her "monthly picture" is not quite as easy as it use to be. Ella started "crawling" about 7 to 7 1/2 months. Now, our definition of crawling might not be the "formal" forward crawl, but little miss can crawl backwards like there's no tomorrow, scoot, roll, twist and turn like a champ! And maybe that's all she'll do until she starts walking! She is laughing so much more {especially when she is tickled}, continues to babble and coo, tries to sing along with us, and last but not least, is in LOVE with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! It has become quite the favorite in our household! Mommy and daddy are becoming pro's at singing the "Hot Diggity Dog" song! It's funny what our conversations consist of now! :) "Meeska mooska" and "toodles" are just regular vocabulary words are here! I don't know how it is possible, but everyday seems more and more fun with this little punkin'! I'm so happy to have the whole entire summer to spend with her!

Until next time, toodles!

{saturday funny}

Oh happy day! I came across this picture on Pinterest the other day and just couldn't help myself! Need I say more?!?!

Happy Weekend to all!

{beach bag must-haves}

Happy Friday! Yeah for a 3 day weekend! I'm guest posting today for one of good friends Leslie @ Eat.Pray.Love.Run. and thought I would share the same with you all! I've created a board with some of my favorite {beach bag must-haves}.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend, my friends!

beach bag must haves

{happy monday}

Yes, you guessed it, the countdown to summer is 2 more weeks! To make it sound even better, today is the last Monday!  We had a fun and relaxing weekend at the beach! It involved a lot of lounging around, playing in the sun {and the water} and eating yummy seafood! Ella got to put her little toes in the sand and the ocean for the first time. She's definitely our little beach babe! Here she is all dressed and ready for the beach...more to come! 

Speaking of our little beach babe, today she turns 8 months old. Oh my goodness...how can this be going by so fast?!?! I can hardly believe that in just 4 short months, she'll be ONE. So for now, we will continue to enjoy each little roll, scoot, laugh, babble, kiss and smile {yes, I could go on and on}!

Wishing you a happy week. Here are some little words of encouragement! 


{a whole lof of random...}

  It has been a busy week {sorry for the lack of blog entries}! When thinking about what I wanted to write about...literally, a whole lot of randomness came to mind! So here goes...

1.  I'm loving my most recent purchase from Stella&Dot. They are just perfect! I love the color and the size {maybe a tad bit heavy, but nothing a girl can't handle}!

2.  I wanted to give an update of some recent stories I shared about some dear friends {Addie and Thatcher}. Addie had her kidney transplant last Tuesday afternoon, and not only did everything go better than planned, Addie was discharged yesterday from the hospital {just 8 days after surgery}! Isn't that just like our awesome God!?! Stephanie {Addie's mom} is doing just as good. You can continue to follow their blog "Medicines, Miracles and Madness" here.

Thatcher had his surgery last Monday to put in a G-tube. He came through the surgery well, but is still struggling with his seizures. Please continue to lift up this sweet baby boy and his mommy and daddy who are in great need of sleep and continuing to make difficult decisions each and everyday. You can follow their blog "Our Journey" here

3. Tonight we get to celebrate with our friends who are having baby #2 in the morning... aka "last supper" as a family of three! I'm excited about trying out a new place to eat {yummy seafood} in the area {oh and if we need to buy pink or blue}! 

4. I'm really enjoying the last three finalists on American Idol. Such different syles, but all so very talented. Who will it be....??? P.S., is it normal to get emotional watching their home visits? :-)

5. We are in need of a much needed getaway, so...we're doing just that! I'm so thankful we {Josh's parents} have a beach house so close! Look out beach, here we come! I can't remember the last time we had a weekend with NO plans! I'm the first to admit I do love being on the go, but there are just those times when a weekend "of nothing" sounds pretty nice!

Happy day my friends!

{monday, monday}

  Why hello Monday! You sure did come fast! It's time for my favorite Monday countdown....{drum roll please} 3 more weeks until summer break! And I can officially say only 1 more Monday after today {thank you Memorial Day}! So close!

And this is exactly what I need after a busy {but wonderful} weekend! Here's to starting the week on a positive note! Happy Monday, my friends!

{mother's day weekend}

  Wow! I don't really know if they're words to describe our weekend. We had an amazing time at Ella's baby dedication dinner on Friday night as well as the dedication during the service(s) on Sunday. I can't think of any other way I would have chosen to celebrate my first Mother's Day! If I had to sum it up in one word...the word that comes to mind automatically is blessed. Here are some pictures of the dinner and dedication on Sunday.

I was also very spoiled on Mother's Day by my sweet hubby, my precious girl, and my family {they wanted to make it extra special being my 1st Mother's Day...and did they!} The first gift I opened was a total shock to me...however; something I've wanted for a long time, but had no clue my husband was in on it!

Yippee! The new iPad 3! Let's just say I've been playing with my new toy all weekend! P.S., he had to give it to me one day early...he was so excited {and ready to get it all set up}! Then, on Sunday, I opened my gift from Ella {which I was instructed to wait until Mother's Day}...

And the greatest of all was getting to love, squeeze and hold onto my baby girl...wet kisses, giggles and all! She melts my heart! What a super special weekend for our little household! 


{fabulous friday finds} all things mommy

Here are some fun Friday finds! Hope you enjoy!

1. Love this necklace! I can already picture it with a cute summer dress or a cute top and shorts for a fun night out!

2. Every girl loves a new beach bag! This one is simple, but big enough to carry all your beach must haves! Hmm....sounds like a good blog post to me!

3. Just a little "for fun" gift! You can find it here. They simply never let me down.

4. Perfect colors. Love this set.


5. I've just started reading this book. Such wisdom. A good read for the summer!


Happy Weekend to all!!!


I can't think of anything better than having the title of "mommy".  It is a title I've wanted since I was a little girl.  I'm so excited for this Sunday...not only will we be dedicating our precious baby to the Lord, but I'll be celebrating my very first Mother's Day.  What an honor!  I'm so thankful the Lord chose me to be Ella's mommy.

That being said, I know Mother's Day can be a very hard day for many women.  Women who so desire to be a mother or never had the opportunity to do so.  I know there are women who are so deperately trying to have a baby.  I'm sure you have someone in mind already.  I also think of many women who serve as mother figures.  I am so very grateful that we have these women in our world.  Whatever role you play, I pray Sunday is a special day for you {and that you can help make it special for someone else}!  

On a lighter note...here are some of my favorite "top momisms"! 

1. Why? Because I said so, that's why!
2. I'm going to give you until the count of three!
3. I don't know is NOT an answer.
4. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
5. I would never have talked to my mother like that.
6. I'm not running a taxi service.
7. If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?
8. Someday your face will freeze like that.
9. It hurts me more than it hurts you!
10. Bob, Sue, Joe, Fido...whatever your name is....

Happy Day!