Weekend Happiness!

It's finally the weekend! Yeah! Even though I'm on summer break, I love weekends because I get to hang out with the rest of the world that is hard at work during the week! It's sometimes hard having Josh work out of our house, because I often forget that just because he's here doesn't mean he can hang out (he reminds me though)! hehe
This weekend is going to consist of spending time with family and friends. Friday night we had Josh's parents, Jen and McCain over for dinner! We love getting to spend time with our family! Saturday we're going to try and tackle Josh's office! We still have unpacking to do and major organizing! I'm sure he can't wait! ;) But he'll love getting to have his own space all fixed up (it might even make going to work a little easier)!

Then finally, a little of this.....

We don't go often, but we both really want to see this...
...and it might just be the perfect weekend for it!

Happy weekend!

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