HELLO 3rd Trimester..."officially"

Today marks the first "official" day in my 3rd trimester (everyone has their own opinion when that begins)! We are 28 weeks along, but mom and I decided it might be easier to start counting backwards...only 12 weeks to go! It feels like yesterday I was typing we were 12 weeks along! Little Miss is the size of a Chinese cabbage (whatever that means)! She weighs a little over 2 pounds is about 14 inches long (as you can see, we are growing and growing)! Ella is moving around a lot for her mommy and daddy! The other night, I think she was "putting on a show" for Josh! He couldn't believe how my tummy was moving, bouncing, and shaking all around! What a miracle! I am still feeling really good! Cravings this week include ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream! Yum...I don't think I can get enough (however, I am not letting myself get too out of control)! :)

This is the week we get to tackle most of her room! I cannot wait! We are painting tomorrow as well as having her bedding delivered. Then we're hoping to have her furniture delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday! Pics to come!

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