Goodbye First Trimester...

We are officially in our second trimester! Did I really just say that?! I'm not sure if everyone feels the same way, but my oh my, time is flying by for us! I can't believe we are already 1/3 way through this pregnancy! Baby D is about 3 inches long (about the length of a medium size shrimp) and weighs about an ounce. I went in for a check-up visit today and got see our sweet little one. I could do that everyday! I was able to see him/her move around for the first time (we already have a little active one on our hands)! I also got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time! Ahh....what a beautiful sound. The heartbeat was 154 and in the exact words from my doctor, "sounds like a boy to me"! Either way, we will be thrilled; however, I have been "feeling" Baby D is going to be a boy! April 25th (four weeks from today) is our big day to find out for sure....Boy or Girl!

We had a fun weekend getting to be with family and friends as cousin Amy and Jason got married! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! Here are a few pics from the weekend!

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" Philippians 4:4

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