3 down, 6 to go...

Months that is....until Baby Dearmore arrives! Josh and I still find it so hard to believe that we are 12 weeks pregnant today and will end our first trimester this week! Time really has flown by for us! Baby D is now the size of a lime! I think in his/her honor, we will have to "sacrifice" a little this week and have some key lime pie (one of our very favorites)! The biggest development that will take place this week is their reflexes. Baby D will begin to open and close their fingers, curl their toes, clench his or her eye muscles, and begin a sucking movement with their mouth.
Baby and Mommy had an exciting yet very relaxing Spring Break! We started off by going to the rodeo with some of my dearest girlfriends to see one of my favorites, Lady Antebellum! The next day, I had a wedding shower for Leslie and got to go and help her pick out her wedding jewelry! We then ventured back to the rodeo on Tuesday with Jen, McCain and Becky! We had fun getting to go to the petting zoo and watching McCain with all of the animals! On Wednesday, my parents came over and took us to dinner! They also brought us some fun baby gifts! A stuffed lamb animal/pillow, a book, and a frame for baby's sonogram picture and newborn picture! Finally, we ended our break at the beach with Daddy! What a nice little getaway! We are so thankful to have a beach house this close to us! We are now counting down the days until our next break, Good Friday! :)

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