Bump Update :::::

I've been asked for some "bump" pictures! These were taken at 7 weeks 5 days and again at 9 weeks, not showing yet. Baby Dearmore is the size of medium size grape this week (week 9). It is so amazing to me that just 5 weeks ago, he/she was the size of a poppyseed! Josh and I go to the doctor this week, wishing it was to hear the heartbeat or to even see our little angel, but it is to discuss our plans over the next 6 1/2 - 7 months. Hopefully they'll tell us when our next sonogram will be! Praying soon, very soon! I'm still feeling good, and trust me, I do not take that for granted (however, I do welcome little symptoms here and there)!

“From the fullness of grace we have received one blessing after another” - John 1:16

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