{headband heaven}

As Ella's hair continues to grow, I'm loving getting to do so many different styles with it....all down, bows, headbands, pigtails, clips....on and on!
Recently, I've found a new love for knotted headbands! They are just too cute! Here are a few we've picked up lately or have my eye on!
So fun, right?!? If you know of some more fun headband finds, please do share! Happy shopping!


Lizzie Simantz said...

These are so cute. thanks for sharing!! Your girl is so adorably, my daughter is also named Ella :)


Colleen Sullivan said...

Headbands are so cute on little girls! Your so lucky she'll let you put them on her. I bet if you had a sewing machine you could easily make some of your own too!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

I think I now had an obsession for them now too!

A Wedding Story said...

How on earth does she keep those on her head? Avery would rip those off, although she's pretty used to a bow being a permanent staple on her head!