weekend shenanigans

Happy Monday, friends! Where oh where did the weekend go?!? We had a full, but very fun weekend! Today, I'm linking up with Sami for the first time for her fun serires Weekend Shenanigans! Here goes....
{one} Friday morning, one of my bests came over with her new little mini, Connor. It was the first time Ella got to meet this sweet little one! She absolutely adored him {as you can see in the picture above}! She is quite the little helper...practicing for one day! ;)
{two} Friday evening, we went to my cousins gender reveal party. Her and her husband found out at the same time we all did, so that made it even more special! We are SO excited to welcome a new little BOY into our family in November! This makes the number even with all the cousins...4 boys and 4 girls....we are a growing "little" family!
{three} Saturday morning, we headed to the beach for a mini getaway. We had such beautiful weather on Saturday, and enjoyed most of the day outside playing in the water! Ella had a blast {as always}! She's quite the little beach babe. One of her very favorite things to do at the beach is ride on the golf cart with Gram and Double. She likes exploring for birds, turtles and fish! After one of her rides, she came home screaming, "Mommy, titty"....bahahaha.....yes, she found 2 kitties and was so proud!
{four} When we got home from the beach, Ella had a little "work" to do on the iPad {since it was pouring down rain outside}! I'm amazed at how she knows exactly how to navigate on that thing {I guess a little scary at the same time}! 
{five} I had two fun surprises when we got home! I'm loving my first BridierBaubles necklace! I just heard about them recently and pretty much want one of everything! I also got this JCrew inspired necklace from Groopdealz. Such a fun piece! A great mail day in my book!
And there you have the Dearmore Weekend Shenanigans!


Katie said...

I am sort of addicted to GroopDealz! I have to restrain myself every day ;)

I wish we could have a beach play-date with you & Ella! She's such a water baby, and Jaqs is, too! They'd have a blast :)

Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

I ordered the same fan necklace from groopdealz and absolutely love it! I get so many compliments...and for such a cheaper price than the J.Crew look alike!