{five on friday}

Happy Friday! Linking up for 5 on Friday! You know the drill....

This is one of my favorite tops I've found for Ella this summer {not to mention it is very reasonable}! She has recieved many compliments on it, so I thought I would share it with you! 
I think I've found my next DIY. How cute is this?!?! I didn't know my morning coffee ritual could be anymore fun, but I'm thinking otherwise now with this mug! ;)You can find step-by-step directions here.   
I bought this adorable romper at Loft earlier this week...

and then I got this e-mail 2 days later....
Why does it always work out that way?! ;) No worries, I now own two of these rompers {until I take back the full priced one that is}! But seriously, this romper is SO cute! So much you can do with it...dress it down with flats for a fun day of shopping or slip on some wedges for a night out {can you tell I'm getting ready for my trip in a couple of months}?!?

She absolutely melts my heart! Ella has always LOVED babies, but this week in particular, she has been SO busy with her babies....loving on them, pulling them in the wagon, giving them pacifiers and water, reading to them, etc. I have loved getting to watch every second of it! She sure will be a good big sister ONE day {no, this is not an announcement!!!!!!}! ;)

We're on the countdown!! 40 days until college football {wreck 'em tech}!!!! Sadly, we won't be going to any games this year, but you better believe we'll be rooting on our Red Raiders from home {and on vacation}!

Wishing you all a fun filled weekend! We're headed back to the beach to celebrate my precious nephew's 1st Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and just found my next purchase at Loft :) Very cute!

A Wedding Story said...

I always LOVE your Friday posts.

Glitter mugs? Yes. Please. I am adding this to my bday checklist for fall travel in the car.

I love that sweet top. Avery might need that for the beach!

We can't wait for football either. We are VT fans but my dad is trying to pull Avery over to the GA Tech side. Love it!

Have a great weekend!

the girl in the red shoes said...

That romper is super cute! I want to see an outfit post! And glitter mugs? YES PLEASE!

Meggan Kibler said...

I love that romper!! I saw it at Loft a few weeks ago and fell in love with it! So cute! Glitter mugs? Amazing! Definitely need some sparkle in the early mornings! Have a great weekend! xo Meggan Vintage Modern

Ang Samp said...

Just found your blog from the Friday 5 linkup. Your little girl is cute and I totally wish I had one to dress up!

I've seen the DIY glitter mug project but haven't done it. They are really cute though! I think glitter would definitely brighten my mornings!

Sara said...

Seriously, do they make that shirt in adult sizes?? WANT. Ella is so stinking cute. Baby doll love...swoon.

[darci @ the good life] said...

1.) WRECK 'EM!!!!!! Words cannot express how excited I am about this season (and Kliff!). :)

2.) Ella melts my heart.... love the photos of her with her babies!

3.) LOFT sales - story of my life. Grrrr. I've vowed to not buy anything full price there anymore because it happens to me every time!

So glad you linked-up again this week, dear!! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! :)

Jamie Lynn said...

New follower! Love the five things! Big football fan! Stop by and say hello! Have a great day!

kimmie said...

Love the romper and Ella is a cutie!!!

rachel said...

LOVE that romper! I am so ready to not be pregnant and wear some fun clothes. :) Your little one is a doll!

Jenny {jennycollier.com} said...

Loft and Gap are the two places I never buy anything full price -- it never fails that you receive a 30-50% off code the day after purchase!

The romper is super cute though. Can't wait to see how your glitter mug turns out. It's on my Pinterest to do list also.

Have a great weekend!

tiffany | monuments and melodies said...

Huge HUGE college football fan here!! It can't happen soon enough!!

That romper is so great!! I won't buy anything there full price either...it's a conspiracy...the coupon always comes after the purchase ;) Ha!

Have a wonderful weekend!