{weekend shenanigans}

Happy Monday! We had a very nice and relaxed weekend around our home! We've been out of town the past 2 weekends, so it was nice to be around. We enjoyed family time, a small get together with friends on Saturday night, church and a visit with Josh's grandparents. I do enjoy "go with the flow" kind of weekends {even though I am a very much "on the go" kind of girl}! Here is a small look into our weekend through pictures.
{one} We began Friday and Saturday morning with donuts. Doesn't get better than that {well...with a cup of coffee in hand as well}!
{two} Yes, you're reading that right....it is HOT here in H-town! We try to stay as close to a pool, water hose, slip-n-slide, you name it, to stay cool!
{three} Ella wanted a picture with her beloved Mickey and Minnie! You can't see it in this pic, but she was sporting her very first Mickey t-shirt that she was SOOO very proud of! ;)
{four} Friday night we drug daddy to Target {only our second trip of the day}! It's not a successful trip to the store unless we bring at least 2 babies, a sippy cup, and blankie!  
{five} Slam dunk! Ella's first basketball goal and she's already a pro!
{six} My little bathing beauty trying to stay cool in this heat!
Have a wonderful week, friends!


Meggan Kibler said...

Love weekends like this! Ella is so precious with Minnie and Mickey! Avery loved Minnie from the time she was basically born :)! Have a great day!

Colleen Sullivan said...

I cannot believe how hot it is where you live! And now I need to go get some donuts today. Can you believe Owen has never had one?1