{weekend happenings + summer pin-spirations}

We enjoyed a very laid back and relaxing getaway to the beach this past weekend! Ahh....a much needed break with all the craziness the end of the school year brings. No complaining here, as I love my job, just a very, very busy time of the year! Ella enjoyed her very first boat ride! She was not too crazy about the life jacket, but with distractions from mommy, daddy, grandparents, food, drinks, ice chips, birds, water, houses {ok, you get the point}, we survived! ;) She really did have a great time! We can't wait to go out on "Reel Time" again! Here are a few pictures from our weekend happenings.
This week begins my very last week of the '12-'13 school year. What a very blessed year it has been for me! I prayed so hard for a part-time job in order to be at home more with E. God is so faithful and provided the perfect job for ME. Did I ever expect less?!?
So, now that summer is just around the corner, I'm trying to find some fun {and different} things for us to do!
E is still 20 months old, so I know she is still young to do some of these things, but it's never too early to start {in my opinion}! I thought this was a very fun, yet easy "summer schedule" to do with kiddos {yes, even at Ella's age}! Loving this!
 Here are some fun and creative activities for little ones. Some I've some, and some were new to me. It's always fun to see others ideas! Five senses activities found here
I'm almost finished with E's playroom, but still have a few things I'm wanting to do. Here are a few inspirations I've had my eye on!
And last, but not least, some new recipes I'm wanting to try. Some to satisfy my sweet tooth, some for party events, and some for Little Miss!
And there you have my {ever growing} summer pin-spiration list!
Happy Monday, friends!!!


Katie said...

Oh, Jaqs HAAAAATES her life jacket! It stresses me out! Haha :) I don't really blame them though, they're so bulky!

I am loving your playroom inspiration! Cannot wait to see what you've done. I think a playroom will definitely be a requirement of our next house! How nice to have a play to corral all the "stuff."

Jen said...

Thanks, girl!! We have loved having a play room (maybe even me more than Ella)!! ;) Hope you had a good weekend!

ESB said...

Love these ideas for summer activities! I have a one year old I am home with for the summer, and I am reaching for all the ideas I can get!

Emily said...

LOVE all the pin-spiration!! Those drinks look amazing and love all the playroom ideas! E in her sunglasses and life jacket, too stinkin cute!

rachel said...

I LOVE that summer schedule! What fun! And am drooling over those key lime parfaits. Yum yum!

Dear Baby Boutique said...

I am loving the playroom inspiration! I have been such a slacker on planning fun summer activities, I will have to get some lined out!

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

oops, that was me who posted above and forgot to change my account =)