{weekend recap}

We spent the weekend celebrating a very special birthday and 3 very special Father's! Friday, we decided to head down to the beach so my hubby {the birthday boy} could wake up first thing on Saturday and go fishing {his absolute most favorite thing}! Ella and I were still under the weather, but we finally started feeling like ourselves again on Saturday...thank goodness! Ella helped bake a birthday cake for Josh! I don't know if she was more into the stirring or eating the batter and icing! I'll let you be the judge on that one! ;)

Saturday morning, Ella and I ventured on the golf cart until we could find where the birthday boy was fishing! We were anxious to see him {since he left the house at 4:30am}! We were all smiles that day {for many reasons}!

After our morning beach fun, we headed back to the beach house to eat some lunch and birthday cake! Here is the birthday cake we made for our most favorite "beach bum"! Ella couldn't wait to show him!
On Sunday morning, we woke up and treated Josh to a big breakfast and gave him his gifts. We hated missing church, but stayed in since we hadn't been feeling well, then headed to my parents for lunch! I loved getting to spend the day with two of my most favorite men in the world My sis was in town, so we were able to take our traditional daddy/daughter picture!
After a fun weekend of celebrating, we headed home with our happy {and much healthier} baby girl! I can't get enough of her little pigtails! A very fun weekend had by all!


hope @ a cup of Hope said...

New Reader :)
Very cute blog and gorgeous family!!

Jen said...

Thank you and thanks for stopping by!! Going to check out your blog now! :)