{summer lovin} for the littles

Aren't "little's" so much to shop for?!? Here are some of my favorites out right now. I mean, really...can it get much cuter?? ;) To see details on each item, click on the link below {my polyvore page}.  

{summer lovin} for the littles
{summer lovin} for the littles by jenni824 on Polyvore

Speaking of shopping, I took Ella to Elaine Turner yesterday to visit one of my bests. If you're a Houston gal, you must go {semi-annual sale right now}, but if not, take a look at the website!

We have a little diva on our hands {with good taste, I must say}!  Like I've said many times, girls are so fun, but oh so dangerous! ;)

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Happy Wednesday, friends!


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Both outfits on your board are so cute!

Kelly Slater said...

Love that board, and her little monogrammed outfit is precious! You are right, little girls are soooo dangerous! But so fun! :o)