{easter festivities have begun}

  Happy Monday! We are coming off a very fun weekend as our Easter festivities have begun! I know I've mentioned it many times...but I love this time of year! Lets be honest, I simply love to celebrate {who doesn't, right?!}! Our little community held their annual Easter Eggstravaganza {a first for our family}. I have to say, I was very impressed! They had everything from an Easter Egg hunt, to the Easter bunny himself, to train rides, jumping houses, crafts, games, a petting zoo AND Chick-fil-A! We loved getting to bring a long some family with us...AKA, Ella's cousins and very best friends! Take a look at some of our fun...
Sunday, we celebrated Palm Sunday. Ella was very proud of the palm branch she got at church! I love that she is learning about the Bible at such an early age...you can never be too young {at least in my opinion}!
As we're beginning Holy Week, I wanted to share a little story that our Pastor told at church yesterday that really stuck with me. I will tell it as best as I can {I can't promise it will be as good as he did}. The sermon was based around Palm Sunday and what took place on that day. He talked about how Jesus rode around on a donkey, not just any donkey, but a colt. The King of Kings riding on a small donkey? Well of course, that demonstrates the humble and gentle side of our Savior. So the story he talked about was the point of view from the donkey the Monday after Palm Sunday. Here goes...
On Monday morning, the donkey {that had carried Jesus through the town that day before}, woke up feeling extra good, motivated and ready to start his day. He held his head up high and his ears back. He decided to take a walk through the town; he wanted to stop where the locals were. But for some reason, no one acknowledged him this time. "Why isn't anyone cheering for me?" "Why isn't anyone waving palm branches?" So he decided to take a walk down Main Street, "maybe they'll know me around here", he thought. So he headed down Main Street, "Hello, it is me!” thought the donkey. "Don't you remember me, from yesterday?” he thought. He didn't receive the cheers and applause he had just received the day before. He thought maybe if I travel to the market, they'll know who I am. As he was walking around, again, no one was cheering, no palm branches, in fact, this time, someone exclaimed, "Get out of here you donkey." The donkey's head was no longer held up high, nor his ears back. He traveled back to his home when he was greeted by him mom. "Son, what is wrong with you?” she said. "Mom, no one knows who I am anymore." Just yesterday, “crowds were cheering, waving palm branches in my path and shouting”, the donkey said. His mom looked at him and said, "Silly donkey, don't you know, it's all about Him?
A "silly" little story, but yet such a powerful message! I can't help but think that sometimes God looks down on His children and thinks "silly donkey {insert name}, don't you know it's all about Him?"
May we remember always, not only just this time of year, it really is ALL ABOUT HIM

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