{easter basket blog hop, decor and more}

 I'm so excited to be linking up {for the very first time} with [the good life blog] for this adorable Easter Basket Blog Hop!
I get giddy each year thinking of Easter. It is definitely one of my favorites! I'm loving it even 100 times more getting to put together a basket for my Ella. It's fun to see how her toys and goodies are becoming more "big girl" like! ;) Some of her Easter treats this year include books, an Easter Christian sing-a-long CD, sidewalk chalk and cute little chick holder, sunglasses, play-doh, personalized water bottle, and lots of Easter eggs filled with her favorite treats! Take a look!
One of my very favorite things in her basket this year is the book called "God's Wisdom for Little Girls" by Elizabeth George. It is a beautifully illustrated book using verses and promises from Proverbs 31. As a mother of a daughter, one of my hopes and prayers for Ella is that she will grow up to know about true beauty and grace that is only given in its complete fullness from our perfect Creator! If you haven't read this book, check it out! Not a mother of a little girl, no worries, there is one just for little boys!
Onto my home decor, I didn't really go "all out" this year, but wanted to share what I did manage to do this year! It is not always easy keeping things hung, in the same order, all in one piece with an 18 month old! You get my point! ;)
And there you have it! Tis the season! Now go check out this super cute blog and enter your baskets!


[darci @ the good life] said...

What a perfect basket for your sweet girl!! And I love that you included that book.... I'm looking it up to find the boys' version for Jackson right now!

And I TOTALLY hear you on decorating what you can and calling it a day! I only decorate what is out of reach of J. Given the fact that he's becoming quite the proficient climber, I'm running out of options! Haha!!!

SO GLAD YOU LINKED UP!!! Now, I'm off to catch up on your blog! :)

Jen said...

Thanks, Darci! I've loved finding and following your blog! Your little one is precious!

I hope you were able to find the book. I just bought it for my nephews and the pictures are so sweet and the topics are perfect.

Hope to stay in touch! :-)

Sarah said...

After I read this I looked for the boy version and got it for Braden's basket. I love it!! I also bought the board book version of "If Jesus lived in my heart". It is SO sweet! I don't know if Ella has it yet but I love it too!