{happy monday}

Yes, you guessed it, the countdown to summer is 2 more weeks! To make it sound even better, today is the last Monday!  We had a fun and relaxing weekend at the beach! It involved a lot of lounging around, playing in the sun {and the water} and eating yummy seafood! Ella got to put her little toes in the sand and the ocean for the first time. She's definitely our little beach babe! Here she is all dressed and ready for the beach...more to come! 

Speaking of our little beach babe, today she turns 8 months old. Oh my goodness...how can this be going by so fast?!?! I can hardly believe that in just 4 short months, she'll be ONE. So for now, we will continue to enjoy each little roll, scoot, laugh, babble, kiss and smile {yes, I could go on and on}!

Wishing you a happy week. Here are some little words of encouragement! 


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