{mother's day weekend}

  Wow! I don't really know if they're words to describe our weekend. We had an amazing time at Ella's baby dedication dinner on Friday night as well as the dedication during the service(s) on Sunday. I can't think of any other way I would have chosen to celebrate my first Mother's Day! If I had to sum it up in one word...the word that comes to mind automatically is blessed. Here are some pictures of the dinner and dedication on Sunday.

I was also very spoiled on Mother's Day by my sweet hubby, my precious girl, and my family {they wanted to make it extra special being my 1st Mother's Day...and did they!} The first gift I opened was a total shock to me...however; something I've wanted for a long time, but had no clue my husband was in on it!

Yippee! The new iPad 3! Let's just say I've been playing with my new toy all weekend! P.S., he had to give it to me one day early...he was so excited {and ready to get it all set up}! Then, on Sunday, I opened my gift from Ella {which I was instructed to wait until Mother's Day}...

And the greatest of all was getting to love, squeeze and hold onto my baby girl...wet kisses, giggles and all! She melts my heart! What a super special weekend for our little household! 


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Brandi said...

I'm dying over the cuteness of your dress you wore on Mother's Day, where did u find it?? I must have it! HEHE!!