{the life of a seven month old}

The life of a seven month old is quite busy I must say!  Ella wanted to share what a week might look like in her shoes...
After a long day at work, mommy comes to pick me up from Ria's house! We're both excited to see each other! I even reached out for mommy to hold me for the first time last week. I've gotten really good at playing peek-a-boo with mommy in the car {don't worry, it's only at red lights}.

Then, my mommy usually takes tons of pictures of me to send to family and friends. I've learned that if I look straight at the camera and smile {or just simply look cute}, she'll only take a few of them!

After a long week of playing and "learning" at Ria's, it's finally the weekend!  Sometimes we like to be lazy and do things around the house, and other times, we're on the go {remember, I have a very busy schedule}!  I love when my Mimi & Papa or Double & Gram come to visit me.  I'm so thankful to have most of my family living so close to me!  This past weekend, Mimi and Papa came to spend the night with me.  I took them to one of my favorite places to eat in the neighborhood {I even got to try avocado for the first time}!  Not really a big fan right now.  

Then, I got to go spend the night at Mimi and Papa's house on Saturday and sit in "big church" to watch the children's musical.  I can't wait 'til I grow up to sing/dance with the big kids.       

And recently, we've had to go to the doctor a couple of times to get my little bottom looked at {silly rash won't go away}.  But it's okay, because my mommy and daddy make me laugh really hard AND I get to play with the paper on the table {again, my mommy pulls out her camera}! 

By now, I'm really getting tired.  But, before I crash, I love getting to take a bath in my new ducky bath tub.  His nose even quacks!  I have lots of toys to play with, but right now, I just enjoy chewing on them!

Whew...just telling about my week makes me tired!  So here you have it, a week in the life of ME!   

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