{keep calm and...}

Ever had one of those days?!?! Today might just be a day I go home and eat some chocolate....but if you know me, that means A LOT since I'm a bit of a chocoholic! :)But as I'm sitting here typing, I am being reminded of God's love for me. You see, most of you already know, but Josh and I have been trying to sell our house since the very end of July (not having any clue that we would be pregnant during the process, but oh I wouldn't change a thing)! We had a contract on our house, but the buyers had to back out totally out of the blue! I have found myself continuing to wonder, why, Lord? You know we need more room (and by more, I mean ANY type of room). You knew that there would be a baby on the way.

It is very easy to become overwhelmed, and I have to catch myself in the mornings when I'm getting ready and have extra time to think! I'm not writing all of this so you would feel sorry for us, or as a pity party, but as simply a reminder that our Lord is gracious and knows the exact times we need Him to come and sweep us up off the floor and carry simply us!

I just got a phone call from Josh that we have a showing today (and if you've ever had your house on the market, you know that a showing is just a showing unless its a 2nd time, ect...), BUT this is more than just a "showing" for me! For I know that it was God's way of simply saying, Jen...remember, I'm in control! I know exactly what you need at the exact time! Do not be anxious...for fear does not come from me. So yes, I will still probably still go home and eat some (okay, lots) of chocolate, but I think it is a little more fitting to say...

Keep Calm and Trust!


Pamela said...

Where's the "Like" button?
Good luck with the house.

Josh and Jen Dearmore said...

You can tell I was really tired when I wrote this! Should have read over it twice! Ignore the grammar! :)