Boy or Girl? The verdict is out...

Josh and I went to the doctor this past Friday for a routine check-up and to get my results from my blood work taken a week ago. I knew there was a good chance of finding out the sex as my doctor does a sonogram each visit. Blood work came back perfect (except for being anemic - which we already knew), so we were very very thankful! Then for the best doctor started looking and after about a second, he said do you want to know? WELL OF COURSE! :) I said...boy! He said, IT'S A GIRL! We could not be more thrilled, although I have to say I was TOTALLY shocked! My momma instincts thought for sure boy the entire time (in fact, I had already bought what I thought was our little boy, a hat and an outfit)! I didn't believe him at first (or the second or third time), so I had him zoom in again and again. He wasn't 60%, 80%....he was 100% and didn't hesitate at all! Our precious baby girl was kicking her legs and was spread eagle for the world to see! She obeyed mommy that day by letting us know her gender, but we will sure work on keeping her little legs crossed! hehe! WOW...a little GIRL! I think I'm still in shock, but couldn't be more excited! Josh was of course thrilled! The first thing the doctor asked Josh was, "do you have a shot gun ready"?! He answered immediately, "I've got it, I'm ready"! I think she already has Josh wrapped around her itty bitty finger! Below is one of the sonogram pictures....her little legs are in the upper right corner (spread wide open for the world to see)!

Now....of course I felt bad when we left the doctor because the only thing I had bought our baby GIRL was a little boy outfit...oops! is my first purchase for our little one! Her first little headband to wear after she is born!

Let the fun and shopping begin....headbands, dresses, and pink OH MY!

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