{the APPLE of our eye}

We are 15 weeks pregnant today! Baby Dearmore is about 4 inches long and weighs about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an Apple)! Our angel can move all of his or her joints and limbs and it's legs are growing longer than the arms are now. I'm so ready to be able to call this little one by name...not an "it"!Mommy is continuing to do great, even though we had a little scare on Friday. I was at a meeting for work, not doing anything abnormal (such as sitting any longer than usual), but when I stood and walked, I could tell my left leg felt really funny (and my pant leg was awefully tight)...now, I was just hoping I hadn't gained 10 lbs. while at the meeting (and sure not in one leg)! When I looked down, my calf was twice the size of my right one and hard as a rock! Crazy, I know! Thankfully, I had my sweet friends from work with me. They really encouraged me to call the doctor just to be cautious. I was just going to "monitor" it during the day and if it got any worse as the day we along, then I would call. But...I decided to listen and go ahead and call. My doctors office advised me to come in for the next avaliable appointment. I remained calm the entire time, but knew that much swelling (so suddenly) being 15 weeks along was probably not normal. After 3 1/2 hours of testing, blood work, ect., they determined everything looked fine, and their main concern of blood clots in my leg was no where to be found! Praise the Lord! I guess crazy things can happen while you're pregnant! They still aren't sure what actually caused my leg to swell like that! I guess this mommy needs to drink more water and exercise a little more! And trust me, after all of that, I can assure you I will!!! The only exciting part during the whole thing was being able to see my sweet baby!

We go back to the doctor this coming Friday just to review the lab results, but...I'm hoping just maybe, Baby D will be turned perfectly and we can see if it's a girl or boy! If not, we'll just wait until the next week! Baby bump pictures to come....stay tuned!


Pamela said...

Glad y'all are ok :)

kristin said...

Didn't know you had a blog! I've been a major slacker, but hope to find more time for it soon. I'm in the process of typing my first blog since October (that was when pregnancy, work, motherly/wifely duties overtook my life)!
Glad you're doing good. What a crazy scare! And yes, your body is just plain nuts when you're pregnant. I could share a few stories or, uhm, *warnings*, with you ;)