{can you say ROYAL}!

Yes, I managed to wake up extra early this morning for this ROYAL event! Did you? Wow...what an event! I'm so glad I was able to watch it live (however, in my perfect little world, I would have been able to stay at home, cuddled on my couch, to watch the whole event...I had to leave before THE kiss)! I think all I've heard about all day is the Royal Wedding! I know probably annoying for some, but if you're like me, I find it all so fascinating!So what did you think of the dress? In my opinion....stunning, timeless, classic, and exquisite are a few words that come to mind! I don't think she could have looked any more beautiful! Total applause from me!And Pippa...can you say gorgeous?!?! My mom read a cute saying today as if it were coming from Pippa, "but mom, Kate got to"! I can only imagine the range of emotions she felt today....along with the parents of the bride...or duchess....or princess (whatever you want to call her)! With this ring....
THE KISS (or make that two)! How cute are they?! Well done, William!

Well it's time for this girl to get back to her "real world"! AND....I'm okay with that!

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