{thursday thoughts to ponder}

 Happy Day, my friends! I've come across some thoughts to ponder lately and wanted to share them with you!

 :::something funny:::
If your household is anything like ours, you will SO appreciate this quote! I just had to laugh when I read this! LOVE this ecard!
:::something inspiring:::

I don't know whether to consider this inspiring or scary! What an incredible responsibility we've been given as parents, but what an honor. Definitely something to always thing about {and most importantly, pray about}. 
:::something sweet:::
Finally....there is hope for my sweet tooth!!! :) I just couldn't help myself!
:::something truer than true:::
Dr. Seuss always has a way with words! I've talked about this before, but it's so easy to compare ourselves. This is just a fun quote to say BE YOU! :-)
Wishing you a Happy Thursday! We're off to a swim play date! Anything to keep cool is this 127 degree weather! ;) 


Kasey Sutgrey said...

Love that second quote, being a mother is such an intimidating job! Having my own child makes me realize how important it is. And 127 degrees, holy cow!

Katie said...

Seriously with the snoring!! I get so annoyed with it then realize how dumb it is to get so mad! HA!

I try to remind myself to be who I want Jaqs to be, and you're right, it is SCARY, but oh what a blessing!