{where oh where to begin}

  As you have noticed by now, our little blog has been pretty quiet lately! Lots going on in our little household! That brings me to Thanksgiving...we traveled around the world and back {not literally, but it sure seemed that way}. Five adults + a 1 year old {who cut her first molar on our trip} + 1 Suburban + 16 hours {one way} in the car + 5 nights in a hotel room with our baby = Dearmore/York Thanksgiving 2012! And I have to say, Ella was the best traveler anyone could ask for! We got to introduce Ella to my grandparents for the very first time. Ella is so blessed to still have 6 great grandparents! She has now been able to meet all of them. Here are a few pics...

....and we all made it back in one piece and had a super fun time, but were sure ready for some R&R time! I just love this time of year!  

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