{christmas festvities: part dos}

And this post brings me to the second part of our Christmas festivities! We celebrated with my side of the family the first part of Christmas Eve then headed over to Josh's parents to spend the rest of the day and night with them! Here are some pics from the York side Christmas!

Papa wanted to give Ella an early gift...she wasn't too sure about it, but I know she'll LOVE it!
 Mom had everything decorated so pretty and festive! 
Ella helping mommy and Mimi cook breakfast! I have to say...she was quite a pro!
It's amazing how you don't have to "teach" little ones to open presents! She was a natural! ;)
Thanks Aunt Jessi and Jeff for her new ride! She can't wait to cruise around the neighborhood in style! 
  Dressed and ready to head to Gram and Double's for Christmas Eve!

We spent the rest of the afternoon with Josh's side! One of my favorite things we do is getting to Christmas carol together. My sweet mother-in-law {I had to do that Becky...we don't really like that term} has a friend come over and play the piano for us. This year, we had free entertainment from Ella and her cousin, McCain! ;) Later that night, we went to church and got all ready for Santa to visit the next morning! He sure knew where to find the kiddos!

Ella and McCain dancing away!
 Santa left his boot print on the floor with some leftover snow from the North Pole!

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