{ella meets santa}

One week ago today, Mimi, Ella and I all headed to the mall for Ella to meet Santa {really for the 2nd time, but she was only 2 1/2 months last year}! Little miss has been extra clingy lately, so I was expecting for her to hold on extra tight to mommy and scream the second I handed her to Santa. As we walked up, Santa was visiting at the checkout desk {as NO one was there...much to our surprise}! He WAS the real Santa {can't you tell}?! ;) He was so sweet and gentle with Ella and took his sweet time with her. My favorite part is seeing her little hands wrapped around his fingers! Such a sweet moment!

I'm sure you're thinking, well what did she ask Santa for....so here you go!

1. Secret Garden Playhouse. What little girl doesn't love a playhouse?! I see many memories in the making with this new addition...well that is if Santa brings her one of course!

2. Ladybug cushion rider. Might as well let Ella get around even faster around our house with this new toy! She may or may not have already discovered this toy in a secret place! ;)

3. Of course you already knew she would want some new clothes for the Winter/Spring season! I'm loving this cute Old Navy dress...and love their sales even better!

4. And if you have a playhouse, you need a tea party set! Potterybarn Kids has some adorable tea party collections! 

5. And if you have the tea party set, you need the apron to go along with it...duh! ;) Ella's favorite was the tutu apron {with her name on it}!

And there you have her little wish list! Until then, Scotty {our Elf} is making sure she stays nice until December 25th! Ho Ho Ho!

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Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

What a great Santa picture!! I love that garden playset it's so cute!! My parents got Landon a treehouse playset that I think he's gonna love!