{stocking stuffers for the mini}

Here are some fun, reasonable, and practical stocking stuffers I came across {in hopes to get my little love this year}! I love seeing all the fun ideas people come up with!
stocking stuffers for the mini

1. Ella's Kitchen: {no, I did not pick it for the name even though my hubby disagrees.....this really is one of Ella's most favorite snacks!

2. Minni Mouse Ornament: I started a tradition when Josh and I got married that each Christmas we would pick out an ornament that represented that year. I couldn't help but think of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for our little mini this year! A VERY popular show in our casa!

3. Books, books and more books! You can never go wrong here!

4. Sippy cup: I'm loving the pattern and thought it would help in our transition to cut out our 1 last bottle. Although I have to admit, it makes me a little sad as one of her fav words is "baba" and it means my baby really isn't a baby anymore. Tear!

5. Baby Hat: found at Old Navy {I didn't see it online anymore}. Warm, but cute!

6. Bath toys: stacking cups are a bath time must have!

7. Aden + Anais wash cloths: I've never used these before, but absolutely love there swaddle blankets and can't imagine how I wouldn't love these just as much.

So here you have it! Less than a week until Christmas! Happy Wednesday!

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