{ready, set, go....}

  As of 2 weeks ago, we officially have a WALKER!  No more crawling in this house.....lots and lots of chasing a tiny little girl who is exploring her whole new little world! Let's just say mommy has (or been put on) a new workout plan, but loving it!

Some of E's favorite things these days are riding in her wagon, helping mommy get the mail, carrying her purse everywhere she goes, "talking", and playing "keep away" or "catch me if you can" while mommy or daddy try to change her diaper!

We're so excited to take Ella to meet her great grandparents (my dad's side) for Thanksgiving! Ella is so blessed to have 6 wonderful great grandparents. We're excited for some family time and crossing our fingers that our road trip (12 hour drive) will go smoothly and painless for all!
Happy *almost* weekend!

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