wilw {all things yellow}

I'm loving all the new fun summer accessories and clothes out right now. Some of my favorites have all had something to do with the color yellow. Here are some favorites...

1. Personalized stationary found @  http://www.etsy.com/shop/ohlouisedesigns. I have ordered many items from her and haven't regreted it yet!

2. I'm loving this! I could see many cute outfits in the future with this skirt.

3. A touch of yellow to spruce up any outfit! 

4. Ahh...cute hat for the beach. Maybe a good one for our upcoming trip?! {plans in the making}

5. A girl just simply cannot have enough scarfs {if you think like me or dress like me}! I love the colors...fun and bright!

As I'm sure you could, all of the last four items are from the same place! Any guesses?! It's a favorite...Francesca's Collections. 

Happy Wednesday! We're half way done! 

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