{weekend recap}

It's time to start the official Monday countdown to Summer 2012....6 weeks, my friends! I think I can, I think I can... Okay, here is a little reminder to myself...It's Monday, but it's O.K. Very true! There are much worse things I can think of than just another manic Monday!

We had a fun, relaxing weekend! My hubby has been under the weather this past week {and little miss continues to teeth}, so we laid low. You just need weekends like that every now and then! Here are a few pics from our weekend happenings!

Gram and Double came to visit! Ella loved watching Gram make funny faces at her!

Ella learned to do her first "high kick"!

Seven month olds!

Enjoying her lazy morning of reading and watching TV!

Finally, mommy had to run some errands! Ella riding like a big girl for her first time! I think I've found my new partner in crime! Look out, Home Goods! 

And finally, Ella tried turkey for the first time! You can tell by her smile, she simply enjoyed it! 

And there you have it, a weekend with the Dearmores! Happy Monday! 


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Leslie said...

Future Highstepper I think :)