{thursday thoughts}

1. Only 1 more day until Friday!  This week really has flown by!  I think things are so busy that the days fly right by me!  That being said...only 7 more weeks of school {beginning Monday}. YES!  Summer is right around the corner!  We're busy planning away!

2. My poor baby girl is having a rough week with teething.  She has had fever for 2 days now, but I really think it is those silly teeth trying to poke through {p.s., she cut 2 teeth 2 weeks ago}.  It is not fun!  I think she's just ready to eat "mommy and daddy" food instead of those yucky peas and squash from a jar!  What are some of your favorite teethers?

3. I'm super excited about seeing this cute little hat on Ella during the summertime!  I couldn't resist once I saw it!  As much as we'll be at the beach, I thought that was a good enough excuse!

4. I came across these sayings/quotes this week and wanted to share!  I felt like they were speaking right to me....you know, like those sermons where you're like, did the preacher know EXACTLY what I'm going through right now?!  It's not always easy going to work everyday and leaving my baby girl.  However, I'm SO VERY thankful for her babysitter and the 4 other lil' punkins she's with everyday.  We are so blessed and I'm reminded each and everyday.  I'm so thankful God did not create us to all be alike, otherwise, there wouldn't be as much excitement, creativity, joy, and laughter in this world.  Maybe I just needed the reminder, but I thought they were pretty darn good! :)

5.  I'm so excited to spend the weekend with friends and family!  I feel like our world is getting a little more "normal" (aka...our new normal) BUT I wouldn't change a thing!  Pics to come on Monday!

Happy Thursday, sweet friends and fam!

"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

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Leslie said...

Love Ella's new beach hat! Reminds me I need to find one for myself :) Can't wait to see yall on Saturday!