{happy 6 months, sunshine}


Today, we had your 6 month old doctors appointment. It's hard to believe we're already half way through your first year! At 6 months {and 1 week} old, you weigh 18 lbs. and are 26 inches long. You wear size 3 diapers and LOVE getting to eat your fruits and veggies. You are on a pretty set schedule now. You wake up in the morning happy as can be, "talking" and playing the strings on the bumper pad! Mommy and daddy love getting to watch you in the monitor before "fighting" over who gets to pick you up first! :) You cut your first tooth this past Friday {March 23}. We were so surprised because you didn't act any differently than normal! You are sitting up on your own with less support from mommy and daddy, and love "eating" anything and everything you can fit into your mouth. Your favorite thing to say right now is "dadada". You daddy sure does light up when he hears you {we're working on mamama}! You continue to bring so much joy to our family. We can't imagine life any other way! Your smiles, laughs, kicks and slobber melt our heart {as if it were the first time we saw it}! We love you, little sunshine!

Happy 6 months!

 Trying to eat her shirt...next came the toes!

Cheeeeeese! Our happy girl after church!

 Getting some lovin' from sweet cousin McCain!

 Enjoying a day at the park!

Daddy was trying to make Ella smile for the camera...she thought it was funny!

One of our very favorite songs to sing with Ella! 

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