{what i'm loving wednesday}

1. I think you all know what I'm loving most {if you've been keeping up with my blog lately} SPRING BREAK! We're having such a fun week...just a week at home with my babes...and loving every minute of it! Monday night, Josh and I had a date night to the Houston Rodeo to see Zac Brown Band! They are AWESOME in concert. Such a fun night!

2. This super cute dress I bid on {facebook auction} and won! Can't wait to see little miss in it!

3. Getting some MUCH needed sun today {okay, maybe a little burned}. It was the first time I've sat out in the sun since Ella was born...like I said, much needed! :)

4. Josh and I starting our summer vacation planning! We haven't decided on anything "for sure", but at least the planning has begun! Only 2 1/2 months until summer break...I can do this! 

5. Our sweet baby trying out her first veggie today! She is LOVIN' her some squash. I've never seen someone so excited! She kicked her legs, cooed, and reached for the bowl the entire time!

All in all, I simply had a wonderful day! What are you loving Wednesday?


Sarah said...

Just found your blog. Love it!! Where do you get your little one's bows from?? I need some :)

Jen said...

Hi Sarah! I get a lot of them from a little boutique in Houston, but I also get some from www.etsy.com (lots of random shops). Some favorite shops are: Celeste and Company as well as Little Love's Designs. Hope you find what you're looking for! :)