{Bump Update: Week 22-24}

Yes, I realize I am a few weeks behind! Our world has been a little busy over the past few weeks, but oh so great! I began my summer break a week ago and am loving every minute of it! We closed on our current house last Monday (everything went smooth as can be and we are so excited about the couple moving into our home), and will close on our new home next Friday (not to mention having packers and movers beginning next Wednesday)! Wow...I don't think we've slowed down yet, but we couldn't be any more excited!

Now, onto our sweet baby girl...Ella Victoria! I'm not sure if I've even shared her full name yet or the reason we chose her name...so here goes! I have always loved the name Ella, plus it is a family name and Victoria is after my sweet mommy. The meaning of her name is Ella: "light" and Victoria: "victorious"...I don't think it gets any better than "victorious light"! We can't wait to meet our sweet angel in less than 16 weeks (assuming we make it to 40 weeks). I can't believe it, but we're 6 months pregnant!!

I went in today for my glucose screening...I have to admit, I had worked myself up over this appointment (too much reading last night), but it was a breeze! Now, I'm just praying I don't get a phone call saying the test came back abnormal! Our doctor said everything looks perfect, Ella is growing exactly how she should be and the heartbeat sounded great! We don't have to go in for another 4 weeks! I count my blessings everyday and thank the Lord that we have had a wonderful pregnancy thus far! He is good....all the time!

Here are some pictures from our Memorial Day weekend at the beach with Josh's family! We had so much fun getting to hang out with our sweet little nephew, McCain!

22 weeks! I most definitely "popped" out over Memorial Day...and no, I didn't eat too much chocolate! :)And here we are 6 months pregnant! Ella and I are growing daily!

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