{Bump Update: 25 weeks}

Here we are at 25 weeks! According to My Pregnancy Journal, I am beginning my 3rd trimester! Whatever the "correct" timing, I can't believe I'm even near my last trimester! We have many many exciting things taking place in the Dearmore house! It's moving week! As of Friday, we will be proud new home owner! We are both so ready to get settled (as this has been about a year process)! However; look how God's timing has been so perfect....don't get me wrong, there were many days when I didn't understand, but looking back, I'm so very thankful!

Josh and I also registered for Miss Ella today! I don't know who had more fun...Josh playing with the different toys, or me laughing at his silly remarks and questions! I wait for the day we get to see her wrapped in the blankets, playing in the bathtub with her toys, swinging in her swing, and laughing and giggling at her fun toys and books! Many sweet days ahead!

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Becca said...

Hey make sure we are on a list for one of your showers! We would love to see you and I never pass up on buying for little girls!