{oh, christmas tree!}

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree! I absolutely love getting to see all of the different types of trees people put up in their homes, the decorations, the meanings behind the decorations, various colors, and on and on! I typically stay with a "traditional" look with traditional colors, but one day, I might just do an all pink and red tree {oh my husband will love me so much!!!!} Here is a peak at our tree and Christmas mantle. Once my hubby gets the tree up, I go to town. This year, I was wide awake at 4am {the day before Thanksgiving}, so I decided I was only wasting time by laying there, so away I went and decorated this pretty thing!  

As for the tree topper, I literally stand on a ladder, stuff a bunch of stuff into the top, get down, look at it, rearrange and repeat x15! This year, it came together much faster {thank goodness}!!!
These are my favorite kind of ornaments! You will find them all over the tree.
These snowflakes were made by Josh's great grandmother, so it serves as the sentimental decor on our tree! We love them!
My favorite stockings ever! Yes, even Finley {our lab} has one!
Thanks for taking a quick tour of some of our Christmas decor! Wishing you all a very happy Tuesday!!!!


Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Leopard print and polka dots?! DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?!! Best stockings ever. :)

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Your stockings, LOVE! Are they Ballard Designs?

Your tree is just gorgeous and that topper is such a pretty sight to behold!

Nina B said...

I second, Elise. For real.