Hello 2012...

Wow...you sure did sneak up on us! Life at the Dearmore house has been a little crazy the fast few weeks (thus the lack of blogging). Our sweet Ella was sick for her very first time...just in time for her first Christmas. :( She was sick for about 2 weeks with RSV. Makes for a very very sad mommy. No one could have prepared me for the way it would make me feel to see my baby so sick. They are so helpless and of course, can't let you how they're feeling, what hurts, etc.... I'm so thankful we were able to get her into the doctor and start meds right away. We had to go back a week later (when he confirmed it was RSV). BUT, we're on the mend and doing much much better. Ella was suppose to make her "debut" at Crossroads on Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning; but sadly, she was still running fever. So...we changed those plans and went on New Years! Aunt Jessi also surprised us all by drving in that morning to be at church! Such a fun day. And onto more news in our household....Ella started going to her little in home daycare this week. I have to say, it has been a much easier week than I ever thought possible. I truly believe because Ella is one HAPPY girl! She has started "talking" (lots of it), laughing, and singing! Such fun days! When we picked her up the first day, she "sang" the whole way home. Makes a momma's (and daddy's) heart happy. We're so blessed to have found such a sweet lady to take care of our angel. Once again, HE continues to amaze me. Josh and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary! Mimi and Papa took care of Ella (we had to really twist their arms), so we could go out and celebrate on New Years Eve! Here are a few pictures from the past 2 weeks!
(more Christmas pics to come...) Happy 2012!

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