{4 months}

Our sweet baby girl is 4 months old! She continues to grow and grow by the minute! I feel like she is doing something new every day! Here are some updates from the past month...Ella started "school" at her babysitters house earlier this month. What a blessing Ria has been to us already. She takes such good care of Ella, which makes mommy and daddy smile every day. She has many new friends...she LOVES watching the other children and "singing" with them during their music time. She does not miss a beat! Ella is cooing and babbling much more...she has also began using some vowel sounds (yes, proud speech path mommy)! We're currently working on "momma"! :) She loves to reach for her toys (whether on her play mat or out of your hand). She is sitting a lot better in her bumbo seat (it still cracks me up seeing her in it)...her favorite is to sit right in front of the TV...she is definitely a fan! As I always say, we simply cannot get enough of her. She continues to bring so much joy to our little family. I can't imagine life any other way.

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