{christmas traditions}

One of my most favorite things about this time of year is {traditions}! I love the traditions we had growing up and now the ones Josh and I have started together. I can't wait for the ones to come as our little family has expanded to 3 {okay, sorry Finley girl, family of 4}! For the past couple of years, Josh and I {mostly Josh} cook a really big dinner on Christmas Eve Eve, then load up to go look at Christmas lights {of course listening to our favorite Christmas tunes}. This year, Finley girl will have to share the back seat with her little sister, Ella! When we get home, it's time for bed so Santa can make his special trip to our home a night early. We wake up super early the next morning {coffee in hand} and open presents. We then cook a big breakfast {still trying to come up with our signature Christmas morning dish} and lounge around the house until its time to pack up and visit family! Next year will be even more fun as Ella will begin understanding Christmas a little more!
Growing up, some of my favorite traditions were baking a birthday cake for Jesus every Christmas Eve night. The next morning, we would sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before we opened any presents. I can't wait to do that with Ella! Another favorite is the York signature Christmas morning breakfast...Cherry Brunch Ring {I'll share the recipe one of these days}! I also love getting dressed up and going to church on Christmas Eve night ~ then heading to IHOP and Walgreens afterwards...haha! Let me explain....back in the day, the good 'ole days, nothing used to be open past 6pm on that night, except for Walgreens and IHOP! SOOOO....that's how that tradition began! :) But oh how fun the memories!
Christmas 2009
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2011 to come....
May your days be merry and bright as we enter this wonderful time of year!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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