{it's the most wonderful time of the year}

It's finally here! Christmas is right around the corner! I love all the sights, smells, food, decorations, Christmas music and performances, the hustle and bustle, and time with family and friends! We have lots of "firsts" this Christmas, but the most exciting of them all is of course it's Ella's very first Christmas! Let the picture taking begin (oh wait, I think that began a looong time ago)! :) My shopping has been a little different this year with a 2 month old. I'm learning how to do this "shopping online" thing...and I have to say, I'm loving it! How could you not love having to wait in long lines and spending an hour looking for a parking spot! Amoung the craziness the holidays sometimes bring, I've been reminded once again what this season is truly about while reading "The Purpose of Christmas" by Rick Warren. A must read during this special time of the year....it's short yet beautifully written. May we all be reminded...now, lets celebrate the season!

Our new Christmas tree (our old one flew out of the back of Josh's truck while moving)!! So, if you happened to be on 59 during late June, you might have seen it! HA!
It was so much fun getting to add Ella's stocking this year!

Decked out in her Santa shirt and red tutu!
Thank you Pinterest for the cute idea!

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Mike and Sam Jasch said...

Love it! I still have to put up our tree. Thanks for the inspiration! Ella is beautiful! Miss you!