{37 weeks and Ella's nursery reveal}

37 weeks!
So here it is! I'm so pleased with how everything turned out! Now we just need to get this sweet baby girl here to enjoy her new room!
Josh and I had our last and final doctors appointment yesterday (Friday). I will be 38 weeks tomorrow (Sunday) and Miss Ella is scheduled to join us this coming Wednesday, September 21st! Everything is still great, but my doctor wants to take her at 38.5 weeks due to high amniotic fluid levels I have developed. The only thing they can associate it with is possible gestational diabetes (that we didn't know about until about 3 weeks ago). Ella is healthy and continuing to grow and grow. We are scheduled to arrive at the hospital on Tuesday night to get the process started and will be ready to get our baby girl here on Wednesday. Because of the high fluid levels, my chances for a c-section are greater, but my doctor wants to see if I can give birth on my own before we even go there (praise the Lord)! Please keep us in your prayers as we have an exciting week ahead! I'm so thankful for the healthy pregnancy I have had so far and trust our delivery will be the same. Stay tuned for pics of our special day!

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Staci Lancaster said...

We are praying for you!! I hope the delivery is quick and as easy as it can be. Can't wait to see pics of baby Ella!!